CCNA 1 Routing and Switching Introduction to Networks v5 Answers


CCNA 1 Routing and Switching Introduction to Networks v5 Answers

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CCNA 1 Final Exam v5.0 exam answers + 10 NEW QUESTIONS or TEST YOURSELF!

 CCNA 1 LABs and worksheets
Lab Overview – CCNA 1 Practice Final

  • anonymous

    the current skills exam is a different one, would you be having that one

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  • Jerry

    “CCNA 1 LABs and worksheets” Do you have these for CCNA3 V5?

  • AcadInstructor

    Great job, you may pass the class, but you’ll never pass the CCNA cheating on everything. What’s more important? An A in a class or an industry certification that can actually get you a job. This is pathetic!!

    • 4routing

      It’s a good question and I’m feeling glad that I could say that the courses gave me the opportunity to catch a job as an network supervisor in a client company. But a real experience is a must! Unfortunately because the post was in front office and I was like a man in the middle between the provider and Local It’s, I couldn’t see nothing further. With a 8 months experience I leave them, and I’ve become a core engineer for a big telecom mobile company working in the opposite side (as a provider). So for the next years the Cisco courses doesn’t really matters in my situation.

      I advise each of student to finish their studies in a technical university with a complete CCNA and search for a real job. Next steps would be easy if they feel the calling.

      As I saw, you must be a instructor, but these answers is here for people who do not have enough time to learn all the stuffs and only want the CISCO to have some knowledge in an interview. The courses are full of information and in the reality you must know only the concepts.

      The students must be self-organized, also. They could check their answers here.


    • rifsta

      Do I smell jealousy?? I know this wasn’t available when you were a student, but must you be nasty about it?

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    Good Evening! I`ve got another question..! the Test Yourself question bank…. is it the same or kinda the same as the final exam?

  • alozadas

    excuse me..! do you have the answer for this question… Which encryption protocol is used by the WPA2 shared key authentication technique?…
    It would mean a lot if you can help me out..! thanks again..!!

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    Thanks you very much for all this information. Great job!

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    This article made me pass thanks

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    Is there only one final exam paper or more.. could you please tell me. everyone received same exam paper

    • 4routing (ADMIN)

      Yes, It’s the same as here. Could be 5-10 new questions.

      • BK

        There are different versions of the final exam. Overall, 50 or so of the questions are the same but in different order and some other questions are reworded.

  • Adams Othman

    I am adams Othman a cisco networking student in university of jos academic centre,actually we have a challenges in terms of employment recognasation of the certificate, we wish as a body will set an organization that will take care the student so that there will encouragement of the course,And also better conductive environment For learning.

  • Lebza

    Hi, i’m currently studying CCNA1 and CCNA2 courses, and intend to register for exam soon. My question is, are this Q & A the same for CCNAX 2.0 (Routing and Switches) as is described on Cisco’s website?

  • anonymous

    this is chapter exam answers or chapter quiz answers?

  • paola

    Do you have the pdf version of ccna v5.0?

  • level1

    Did the Questions change to CCNA1 v5.02?

    • 4routing (ADMIN)

      Hey, I don’t know. Can you leave me an email ( with the new questions? Are there many of changes?

      • bk

        Just took the CCNA 1 Final today. There are different versions of the final exam. Overall, 50 or so of the questions are the same but in different order and some other questions are reworded.

        • alharrison

          what school and the final? or you mean the certification?

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    Thanks for the article I really appreciated it

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    Hello, i need pretest exam for ccna 2 v5.0 pls. do you have it?

  • KK

    Hi I am about to take the CCNA 1 R&S introduction to networks final exam 2014 will the questions that are listed here be the same as what I will receive? I ask this because the chapter exams so far have been identical to the chapter exams that I have received?

  • Oniisama

    why is the final exam different from the one uploaded here?

    • kk

      was the final exam completely different from the one listed here or are there some questions that were missing and some new ones, also how many questions did you get? also for your chapter exam did you get the same questions as here or were they different aswell

  • CVoice

    I’m trying to find answers of the questions from this CCNA test –

  • Cedde

    When you fail you get the identical questions so you can easily learn the wrong answers you eneted at the test. You can view this within your NetAcad account.I got a question: how come cisco doesn’t know about this ? why don’t they use random questions ?

    Everyone in my class gets more than 90% once they know about this site. If the test had many random questions, many people would fail the test.

    cisco could use a random selection of questions so that everyone needs to learn the chapter, so that it would be impossible to learn the questions and answers in advance.
    Our teacher doesn’t create the test questions so he probably knows about this site but he can’t do anything about it, because it’s all done true

    We do get a test about subnetting where the questions aren’t provided by Cisco. They are provided by the organisation that is intended to help people to find a job. They are different and that’s why everyone fails on them. They need to be done in a lab in front of the teacher.
    My quesion is: does Cisco know about this site and why doesn’t Cisco do anything about it ?

  • King Johnny Depp

    Hello ,, does anyone knows about the final exam ?? my exam will be in 3 days :(

    • Ali

      was your exam the same as these questions or not?

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    Is the practice final exam questions same i have a test and its worth 10 percent

  • giorgi

    Thx my friend you safe us…. only 5-10 question was change. i pass with 91%

    • J

      Was the final exam the same as what is currently on here?

  • tai

    hi everyone and 4routing admin, i was wondering if there was anywhere to get all the packet tracer worksheet instructor version? i saw that in the CCNA2 and couple of other courses it had the packet tracer instructor versions of the lab. unfortunately my instructor sucks at teaching so im just trying to make it through the class now so if anyone could help me out id greatly appreciate it

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    I just want to say Thank you for all your effort…as a newbie diploma student Its hard for me to understand reading the whole material, your page help me pick-up the important staff, and with all the question I know now where to focus on my reading and I can make a review page for myself before the test.